When I work, I like to start with a coffee and take time to get to know the person in front of me, by sharing some work or non-work related ideas, before we focus on the task ahead.

With eight years of experience in managing large European and Multiple-partner events for publicly-funded research projects. I gained a thorough knowledge of the innovation and technology research environment. My speciality is creating gatherings with a focus on project formation and dissemination.

Events provide a strong basis for cooperation. I focus on building strong communities and use my PR skills to create strong alliances with stakeholders and enhance network-interaction with clear communication.

Thanks to the experience of working together with different Industries, Funding Programs, Associations and the European Commission, I know how to organise events efficiently and increase interaction to drive innovation forward.

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"I want to use my experience, intelligence and enthusiasm to bring the right people together

and move forward"


* With long term cooperation and sharing ideas, I believe we really can improve things.

* Making exchanging of knowledge gender neutral

* What counts when organising a gathering, are the connections that continue after the event.


* To make a significant difference when I organise events with a focus on cooperation on (inter)national level.

* To bring together women in Europe, who work as policymakers or researcher, therefore creating a wider spectrum, when it comes to sharing knowledge and moving things forward. 

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