Chantal Schoen




curiosity and an genuine interest in people have always been my drive to connect myself and others 

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the basis of my events is thoroughly

knowing the audience and 

create excitement 

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short to the point messages with

carefully chosen words, make all the difference

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Networking is not about collecting a pile of business cards. Sharing ideas and creating a basis for cooperation is what helps us move forward

What people say

''She was an excellent team player, and I always appreciated her constructive and empathic way of working together with the Presidium and the Steering Board'' full recommendation. Dr. Klaus Grimm - former Director of E/E and Software Technology Group Research & Advanced Engineering Daimler AG and 2nd President of Artemis-IA

"I always love to work with Chantal as she dares to challenge her audience with as main focus to reach the best possible results "

Patrick Pype - Director Strategic Partnerships at NXP

 ''I consider Chantal one of the most professional, efficient and solution-oriented people in the business. The amount of tasks she is handling simultaneously and the incredibly short response times impress me a lot, as well as her open-minded and service-oriented work ethics''

Petra (Grahlmann) Weiler- Head of Section Smart Systems and Multimodal Mobility, Department Future Mobility and Europe at VDI/VDE-IT 

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