The relationship between your organisation and your public group is essential. For this, you need goodwill and positive experiences. The following skills I developed as a relations manager.

  • Integrity: sincerity in connecting with others and high morale is my way of working
  • Curiosity: I like to be prepared by learning new things, keeping an eye on developments and investigating background information
  • Confidence: together with my curiosity, this enables me to connect easily with others
  • Communication: equipped with knowledge of several languages, I feel comfortable to approach people

PR runs through different channels, my expertise focuses on:

  • word of mouth
  • meetings, events, conferences
  • social media & mailings 

Strong public relations also help you to notice trends and news from the outside world. Responding adequately to this will give your company its relevance.

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Key to organising a good event is to oversee all that happens and keeping a close eye on detail.

This is what you can expect from me:

  • I run a tight ship when steering on deadlines and budgets.
  • ‘’For every problem, there is a solution’’ is really my motto and keep me relaxed during events.
  • My strong personality and eye for detail helps me with contract-negotiations
  • I have good knowledge of the event-item prices within Europe.
  • With event planning and staff planning, I always leave some room for the unexpected.
  • My passion to make things better than the previous edition makes an event valuable.
  • With love for food, I make a difference with event-catering

Only when enough interaction has taken place and participants have obtained sufficient information to move forward with their jobs, I call an event a success.

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With different words, you can make a world of difference. Only a well-thought-through text will give you the right and timely response. Therefore I focus on every message to be clear and concise. This is how I work with communication:

  • C'est le ton qui fait la musique (it is not what you say, it is the way you say it). I strongly believe in this. Therefore I always focus on how the information will come across when I meet or write to people.
  • Invitation text should stay away from clichés and never be without enthusiasm, but also provide exactly the information it needs for the reader to choose between attending or not.
  • When I start a conversation, it is never just business for me. I enjoy learning more about the person behind the job.
  • During meetings, I like to be precise and short in my contribution to the discussion and focus on conclusions to be made.
  • The right visuals to make you read more are essential to attract attention. With today's overload of information, this has become key to any message.

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